Things I’m Loving This Week

This week I am loving: The sunshine The weather has been fine, and breezy and chilly. Perfect for short-sleeved running tops when working out and cardigans over long sleeves when taking a walk. Overnight Oats I feel I’m somewhat late to the party with this one, having seen these all over Pinterest for a while. … Continue reading

London Marathon 2014

Well Sunday was an epic day. We headed off early so we could get a good spot along Embankment, with a packed lunch each and a backpack full of jelly babies. The weather was amazing as we took position under a shady tree and got ready to see the Elite runners go past. Eagerly awaiting … Continue reading

#100happydays Update 1

I briefly mentioned in my last post that I’ve started the #100happydays project. It’s a social experiment that practically dares you to finish it by telling you that 71% of people who started it gave up before the end due to time constraints, and then points out ‘who doesn’t have the time to be happy?’ … Continue reading

Midweek Madness

I haven’t done a midweek catch up in a while and I’m having a proper rest evening tonight so I thought I’d take the opportunity. Last night I ran 7.55 miles – 3 times around a local lake. What amazed me the whole way through was how un-tired I felt. I was never out of … Continue reading

Busy, Not Busy

This weekend has been both busy and not. For some reason it’s felt a lot calmer and I haven’t thrown too many things into the mix. Friday afternoon I was sent a group message asking if anyone was free for drinks that evening. As my evening was wide open I said yes as did another … Continue reading

Stila One Step Colour Corrector

I mentioned in a post a while back about a new beauty product I’d seen and then eventually bought because of the reviews I’d seen. Stila One Step colour corrector promised to neutralise the yellow and pink patches in the skin to create a nice even finish. So firstly it looks pretty. A double helix … Continue reading

New Kicks

This weekend flew past in a gale of jobs, chores and visits. Friday night we ran and then headed to the fish and chip shop for a treat dinner. I was supposed to be running with a friend on Saturday morning but I’d had such hip pain on my run the previous evening that I … Continue reading

Of Calories and Scrapes

Well the beautiful Spring weather has disappeared and been replaced with freezing wind and torrential rain again. This commenced on the first day of Spring – oh the irony. Still we have continued to run and continued to make the most of being outside when we can even if it does mean bringing out the … Continue reading

Charts and Graphs

I’ve just been looking over my Nike+ runs (add me if you like, I’m Groggits!) and analysing the various graphs and things on there. I like a good graph :) It’s really interesting to see how many runs I’ve done and how my training has improved my pace and distance over the past 11 months. … Continue reading

This Week I have been Mostly

It’s been a tiring week! After last week’s 10k I hoped I could pick up my runs from where I’d left off, but apparently my legs don’t work that way. I gave myself a rest day on Monday and then Tuesday was supposed to do an easy recovery run. Instead I ran 3.5 miles at … Continue reading