Experience and Moving On

So you guys know that I have been in the process of job hunting for when my current maternity cover contract ends. And you also know I really don’t want to leave my current company. I’ve been applying for work and had an interview two weeks ago with a company and then yesterday an second interview with the Area Manager. The only problem is that after the first interview I realised I didn’t want the job. I went for the second interview and hoped that I would be won over. I wasn’t. And today they called to offer me the job.

Eek. I had to decline it. I feel rather bad about wasting their time. But I can’t take a job I know I wouldn’t want to do. I’m in a position where I have to take a job but I have to take a job I would want to go to every day. They said I did really well and that they were very impressed with me.

I’m taking it all in as experience and I’m sure that everything happens for a reason and I feel that this was the right decision. But that doesn’t stop me from feeling bad and a bit reckless that I could end up with no job at all when I could have had one. But it wasn’t right for me.

Anyway, moving on….. So far in my holiday I’ve visited my Grandad’s house and cleaned it with my Mum and Dad. I took a photo of this fella while I was there:

little man

Yesterday I went for my interview and my Sister in Law took me so after the interview we had a ‘de-brief’ and then went shopping. I bought these tiny little Fimo flower slices from Claire’s Accessories that you put onto your nails. I’d never seen them before so I had to buy them! They’re adorable:




Also bought this week (well the tail end of last week) was Lotus Biscuit Spread, pictured above. I had heard of Trader Joe’s cookie spread but you can only get that in America and wondered firstly what it was and also what it tasted like! So browsing on Pinterest the other day I saw someone claim that this Lotus spread was the original version and a quick Google showed that Waitrose have just started stocking the stuff, exclusively. So Gary popped into the one near his work and for £2.49 we had our own jar of magic. Now we had totally run out of bread so Gary suggested I put some onto some sliced apples. It was amazing! It’s made from caramelised Speculoos biscuits which I’d never heard of. They’re cinnamon spiced biscuits from the Netherlands and apparently hairdressers and coffee shops here give them on the side of their coffee – and they have a cult following! As soon as I put a picture onto twitter and instagram people were asking me where it was from and going a bit ape over it! It does taste amazing. It has the same savoury note as peanut butter but that’s cut with the caramel flavour. I recommend it!

Speaking of recommendations I need to update my blog about Benefit’s FakeUp. I’ve worn it a few times over the last few weeks and the verdict is – YSL is better! The FakeUp coverage is far too sheer for my deep dark circles and I actually found it creased worse than Touche Eclat. So I’m sticking to good old faithful! At least I tried it!

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4 thoughts on “Experience and Moving On

    1. I’m sure you will! Just search fimo slices for nail art on google. There’s loads on Etsy and I found some on amazon which I bought on my Prime account so they should be here tomorrow!

  1. Mmm I love my cookie butter… it’s in my cabinet at work and I keep wanting to eat it but… not so good for you lol! And those nail thingys are cute, I wonder how long they stay on for!

    I think it makes sense to turn down a job that you’re not in love with, and even tho it must’ve been hard to do, it was the right decision. 🙂

    1. Thanks re the job. I feel like I need that kind of reassurance 🙂 xx

      The nail slices are stuck on with nail polish and top coat on top so they feel pretty secure. I can’t imagine them coming off unless I pick at them – and I certainly try but they haven’t budged 😀

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